CDHIFI’s Village Program

Chandi Heffner serves as president of both CDHIF USA and CDHIFI, both of which are nonprofit foundations. Under Chandi Heffner’s direction, CDHIFI offers free care to humans and animals in India without disturbing the traditions and culture of the local people.

Among the many programs offered by CDHIFI is its Village Program. Through the Daily Village Program for Humans, the organization sends doctors, a pharmacist, and support personnel to interior villages to provide care for those who are poor. The physicians conduct exams and rapid diagnostic tests, then write prescriptions, which the pharmacist fills on-site. The team also provides bandages and dresses wounds, as well as administers albendazole, which is used to treat infections resulting from worms.

Through CDHIFI’s Daily Village Program for Animals, the organization’s veterinarians examine and treat animals, write prescriptions when further medication is needed, and administer vaccines. Further, the team conducts fecal and blood samples to assist the veterinarians with diagnosis. As with the human program, the team’s pharmacist fills any prescriptions on-site.


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