Before Bringing a Rescue Dog Into Your Home

Rescue Dog pic

Rescue Dog

Chandi Heffner is the founding president of CDHIFI. Over the last 17 years in this position, Chandi Heffner has led the organization in its efforts to help impoverished populations and their animals.

Rescuing a dog from the local animal shelter is a great way to combat the growing homeless pet problem while also introducing another loving presence to one’s home. However, even experienced dog owners may run into unexpected situations when introducing a shelter dog to a new home. In order to prevent unwanted behavior that might result in the dog being returned to the shelter, there are a few steps that must be taken before the dog even arrives.

First, owners should know exactly where the animal will be spending the majority of its time. Even older, house-broken dogs may forget their training due to the stress and excitement of the new space, so keep this in mind when choosing a location. Owners intending to crate train their dog should have the crate set up and placed wherever the dog will be sleeping.

Similarly, individuals must dog-proof their home as if in preparation for a puppy. Again, even the oldest, most mild-mannered rescue dogs may forget their training in the days and weeks following adoption. The dog will both be overjoyed to have a new family and nervous in a completely new setting, two emotions that can result in chewing and other unwanted behavior. Finally, owners should establish a list of commands that all family members can use in order to begin training from the first moment of arrival.


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